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Mate Corner - El Tony ® Mate and PUERTO MATE ® by subscription Mate Corner - El Tony ® Mate and PUERTO MATE ® by subscription
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Your Mate Corner in your office - El Tony® Mate and PUERTO MATE® on subscription

You're in the office at 7 in the morning but your body hasn't woken up yet. Or maybe you've overdone it a bit at lunch and you're in a food coma. Sound familiar? Then you need a caffeine kick – and we have just the thing!

What's a mate subscription?

With our Mate Corner subscription, your favourite drinks are regularly delivered to your office, and the Mate Corner Package is an eye-catching addition to any workplace.

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How it works

Choose your products
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What you get

With our Mate Corner subscription, you only pay the monthly product costs. The following is included free of charge.

50.5 cm x 35 cm x 42.5 cm

23 l

Power supply
220 - 240 V

Exclusive mini cooler
(on loan)

100 cm x 28.2 cm

Power supply
12 V

Mate Corner Neon Sign
(on loan)

More info

Plant voucher from
worth CHF 150.00

We provide the initial quantity and selection of products.

First filling of your
Mate Corner fridge
on installation

Delivery to the office


El Tony® Mate in the Mate Corner in your office


The Mate Corner is only available for offices

Number of employees

At least 10 employees in your office

Subscription period

At least 6 months

Minimum order quantity

At least 100 mates per month


Choose from our full mate range (a whole tray for each variety)


Invoiced through our partner Lyreco


Free delivery directly to the office


You can cancel your subscription at any time (after the minimum subscription period)

Your Mate Corner - you've earned a break


El Tony ® Mate Classic, Ginger & Mint
CHF 1.66/can

A kick when you need it

El Tony® Mate

Pure, freshly brewed cold brew mate tea from South America. No frills. It's refreshing, and it also boosts your energy and focus – one El Tony Mate contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Available in classic flavour with guarana or infused with a hint of ginger or mint.

More about El Tony® Mate
PUERTO MATE ® Puro, pomegranate and lemongrass
CHF 2.15/carton

Purest Mate in town


PUERTO MATE® offers you the real mate flavour from South America. It is traditionally brewed cold, giving it even more flavour. The pure mate power, with beneficial organic ingredients and only 9 calories, will wake you up and keep you going for longer than coffee or a conventional energy drink.

Available as PURO or in Mate & Lemongrass and Mate & Pomegranate flavours.

More about PUERTO MATE®

Mate – the miracle herb

How this miracle herb makes your everyday office life easier.

More energy & focus

Thanks to a long-lasting caffeine KICK: no more nodding off in boring meetings.

Strengthens the immune system

Your team buddy's viruses don't stand a chance against you.

Satisfies your hunger

Left your lunch in the fridge at home? Problem solved!

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Always useful ;)

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From our experience, we only recommend a subscription if you have 10 or more employees.

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